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At Real Estate Showcase TV-Lifestyles we feature places to Live, Dine, and Shop. Viewers will see many interesting locations to experience in their hometown and places to live too!

Brenmor Multi-media is a full service media company and has managed Real Estate Showcase TV-Lifestyles for 22 years and can also manage media buys, including television and radio production. We are a full fledged multi-media company with options and rates to serve your company's needs.

What We Offer

Hometown Showcase

The Hometown Showcase is a 1 minute interview of your company. We highlight what is unique about your company and strive to capture the essence of what you do for your customers with high-resolution video and an engaging interview style to tell your story.


Our high quality commercials are professionally written with detail and input from you, describing your business with a focus on the spirit your company and the precision of your message. We use top-quality software and the latest techniques to deliver dynamic, eye-catching results. Your spot is produced using high-resolution motion graphics, compositing, and 3D rendering.

Listing Package

RESTV is a marketing tool for realtors and builders to market your home to 130,000 viewers weekly. Call for open rates or yearly network pricing.

Design Showcase

The Design Showcase is a filmed segment consisting of 2-minutes interviews with Design professionals from remodelers to home services to home decor and more!

Drone Service

RESTV utilizes state-of-the-art drone video capturing cameras and editing software in 4k resolution, ULTRA HD. The Karma GoPro Drone delivers smooth, clean footage while soaring high over rooftops or gliding seemlessly from groundfloor to ceiling and every angle in between. Call for pricing.

To market your company to its full potential give us a call at